I was this close to thinking I was living in a huge oven.

The sun was mercilessly toasting everything its rays touched, heating up the concrete ground. It was a midsummer noon, and I was walking around town trying to find a good place to stay for the next night. A working air-conditioning system, a requirement.

The town of San Juan, La Union, has unusual travel seasons. While many destinations in the Philippines come to life during summer (March-May), San Juan’s top season runs from October to March, when the big waves make their appearance to play with the town’s growing surfing community. Yet, summer weekends still see a significant swell in the number of tourists. The waves may not be present, but who can refuse the call of a unwinding beach getaway?

This is possibly the reason why many resorts (and restaurants) are packed that weekend. but to be honest, finding good accommodations shouldn’t be difficult. (I’m just a professional procrastinator. Don’t be like me.) There are plenty of good options along the beach and along the main road. I actually wanted to stay at Flotsam and Jetsam too, but they were fully booked. here are some of those I was able to try (in no particular order).

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Chill’n Hotel
Urbiz garden Bed and Breakfast
G hotel (Planet G)Search for hotels here: La Union Hotels
Top Resorts and hotels in La Union

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Chill’n Hotel

I was in La Union for an event called “Save Our Seas Coastival,” an effort to inspire beachgoers to be much more conscious of the products they bring into the open water. As one of the sponsors of the event, Chill’n hosted some of the participants (myself included) for a night. I took the opportunity to write about the place. (No one asked us to.)

Chill’n hotel double Room
Chill’n hotel Bathroom
Chill’n is your common budget resort. The room we were assigned was neat, spacious and air-conditioned. It has a tiled floor and is equipped with only the basic facilities such as wooden furnishings (a side table and a desk), a clean toilet and bath, and a flat screen TV. That’s about it. If you’re in La Union for a staycation and expecting first-class amenities, this isn’t the place for you. but if you’re here to explore the outdoors and only need an cost effective place to stay, this could be a good choice.

The best thing about Chill’n is that it’s close to the beach. service was good, too. The staff was approachable and helpful. There’s also a swimming pool outside.

Urbiz garden Bed and Breakfast

When the event was over, I had to find a new place to spend the night, and Urbiz garden was my top-of-mind choice. From the outside, it looks like your dream beach house, surrounded by shady trees and facing the sea. Bougainvillea shrubs and vines cover some walls, adorning it with fuchsia flowers and lots of good vibes (haha). While there were no available rooms at the main house, there was one vacant beach cabana, which I gladly took.

The cabana looks like a honeymoon hut. It was secluded in a fenced corner of the resort, making me feel like it was my own private spot. The room itself was cozy, with only little space surrounding the bed, but fully air-conditioned. The toilet and bath were outside, though, and were much more like cubicles than proper restrooms. The arrangement didn’t bother me at all, because the area was somewhat cloistered.

Urbiz garden Bed and Breakfast
Urbiz garden Cabana Toilet and Bath
Urbiz garden Cabana
Urbiz garden common Area
All bookings come with totally free breakfast, composed of dried fish and rice, which can be served near your cabana or at the common area. The common area was a good place to work — I finished a screenplay here — or just unwind. overflowing coffee is available, and there’s a cold water dispenser thoughtfully stationed in a corner.

G hotel (Planet G)

One of the newest accommodations in San Juan, La Union. Strategically located within planet G, a complex of restaurants, it is at the very center of the village. The beach, other restaurants, and tricycle terminals are all within easy reach from here.

We booked a premium double room. Spacious, air-conditioned, and had a view of the adjacent road. because the building was new, the room was squeaky clean. staff was very friendly; we found ourselves exchanging jokes and having a good laugh with them. The rate was pretty sensible at P2000 per night. There are less expensive rooms:

Good for 1 pax: PhP 1500

Good for 2 pax: PhP 1700

Good for 3 pax: PhP 1900

On our first day, however, there was no water. (It was town-wide, they say.) So there’s that.

Also, the hotel is located on the third floor of planet G building, with no elevators. So if you don’t feel like going on a trek each time you want to go to your room, this might not be the best option for you.

Planet G hotel premium double Room
Planet G hotel Bathroom

Search for hotels here: La Union Hotels

LA Union’daki en iyi tatil köyleri ve oteller

Daha büyük bir bütçeniz varsa, Mart 2019 itibariyle Agoda’daki en iyi puan alan otel ve tatil köylerinden dördü.

Aureo Resort LA Birliği
Yer: San Fernando, LA Union, Filipinler, 2500

Oranları ve Kullanılabilirliği Kontrol Edin

Çin Sea Beach Resort
Yer: KM 263 National, Bauang, 2501 LA Union

Oranları ve Kullanılabilirliği Kontrol Edin

Kahuna Beach Resort and Spa
Yer: MacArthur Otoyolu, San Juan, 2514 LA Union

Oranları ve Kullanılabilirliği Kontrol Edin

Harika otel
Yer: Maya Caddesi, San Juan, LA Union

Oranları ve Kullanılabilirliği Kontrol Edin

Çok daha fazla otel görmek için: LA Union’daki Resorts ve Oteller

Urbiztondondo Beach, San Juan, La Union’a nasıl ulaşılır. Cubao veya Pasay’de San Fernando’ya bağlı Partas klimalı bir otobüs alın. Oradan San Juan’a bir üç tekerlekli bisiklet kiralayabilirsiniz (P100, 15 dakika).

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